Partner’s Bliss Couples Workshop at Rasa


Reconnecting with our partners in love <3

Engage in a fun time out with your partner. Learn new ways to show them you care, spice up you love life, and have fun doing it!

Friday, February 12th
$50 Tickets per Couple


Partner’s Massage & Sensuality Sessions

  • Using each of the senses to arouse your partner mentally, ending in touch
  • Massage techniques to relax your partner from everyday stresses
  • Building trust in your relationship through touch and massage
  • Partner Foot Reflexology, Foot Scrubs & Massages!

Light Yoga & Meditation on Relationship Goals

  • Dual stretches and release techniques to melt the body of tension
  • Meditating with your partner to connect on a spiritual level

This workshop is designed to connect you both in ways never tapped into before. Bring your teachings home and manifest the love life you want and need.

Couples leave with body scrub, custom body oil, and handouts of everything we’ve learned along with “home” work to practice massage, mediation, and techniques we’ve picked up.

Just in time for the lover’s holiday, treat yourself and your relationship!



James and Sharelle were raised in the same Philadelphia Baptist Church as children, became great friends, and later, high school sweet hearts. They are now married for almost 9 years with a 2 year old daughter and 6 year old Springer Spaniel. Both James and Sharelle are Licensed Massage Therapists with a special focus on foot reflexology and healing bodywork.

Contact Information:

Balm Therapy

(267) 478-2256

Social Media:

(Sharelle) Facebook – Sharella Yoga / Balm Therapy

Snapchat/Youtube – SharellaBella

Instagram/Twitter – SharellaxBella



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