Yoga Is Back At Rasa Salon!


Join us at Rasa Salon!

Join us for our monthly yoga journey where we will be exploring a variety of styles, great for beginners or anyone interested in exploring the mind, body spirit connection. We have found that yoga can be very healing & rejuvenating and provides a great way to connect with your inner well being. It’s a blessing to come together at Rasa Salon especially in the winter months, when we are all seeking community.

All of our yoga classes include a luxurious vibrational healing sound bath blessing meditation by Amber during shivasinah (resting pose).

  • Workshops are on a donation basis, we suggest $10
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early
  • Please bring a yoga mat & small blanket for shivasinah ( resting pose)
  • Please notify us RSVP if you will be attending our yoga workshops.


December: Winter Solstice
Dec 9th @ 6-7:30pm
Let’s tap into the power of our Earth’s cycle. This time of year, during Winter Solstice, we focus on introspection, change, and rebirth. The theme of the old turning into the new, and the renewal of the sun.

January: Aparigraha (Release) Yoga for the New Year
Jan 20th @ 6-7:30pm
Aparigraha, or non-possessiveness, yoga would be a class involving techniques, poses, and breathing exercises geared towards letting go; letting go of what doesn’t serve us anymore in our lives, letting go of muscle tension, and making room for fresh oxygen and new opportunities.

February: Bhakti devotional Yoga Flow
Feb 17th @ 6-7:30pm
Bhakti yoga is the yoga of love and devotion; This class weaves chanting, pranayama, and a playful vinyasa to dive deep into your heart and connect to your spirit.  Learn to use the power of setting an intention and the union of body and breath to take your practice to a deeper level.  Through bhakti vinyasa you will cleanse your body, find stillness in your mind and open your heart to connect to your higher self.

March: HipHop Yoga Flow
Mar 16th @ 6-7:30pm
An upbeat and invigorating class, guided by HipHop beats, to get the heart pumping and to detoxify the body through continuous movement and strength exercises.

April: Spring Equinox
Wed Apr 20th @ 6-7:30pm
The official start of spring; when the sun aligns directly over the earth’s equator.  It is a reminder to check in with our true selves. A time to take an honest look at your life, and what you are creating each day.  Similar to cleaning our closets, it’s a time to take an inventory of our lives, what needs to be tossed away, and what to hold on to.  Through honest and intentional choices, we can see what’s missing, what’s been tossed to the side, and what is holding us back from creating something wonderful.

May: Blooming Vinyasa
Wed May 11th @ 6-7:30pm
As the sun rises and feeds us all along with the fruits of the earth, we will celebrate the coming of May flowers in 12 Sun Salutations. We will be Blooming our hearts wide open and Planting our seeds for summer.


About Our Instructor Sharelle Hall
Sharelle has an incredible sense of compassion and care, and always knew since childhood that she would live her life in the industries of healing arts. After studying Massage Therapy and Bodywork in 2008, her mind had opened up to the vast modalities of Living Arts. She began studying Yoga and Mediation, and from that point on, she set her mind to expanding and expressing her love of becoming a great healer and student of life; sharing God & Universal powers through Yoga, Bodywork & Energy Work. She describes her style of teaching as spiritually guided yoga with intention, love & purpose; approaching each session with positive intent, and seeing love and light in each and every person.

“Yoga is the essence of the breath that connects us all, and continuously reminds us of the light in our hearts that keep us spirited.”

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