Rasa Styling System 3 Day Workshop


Rasa Styling System 3 Day Workshop | Oct 11th, 12th & 13th 2015
at Rasa Salon

Learn how to master the art of adorning the crown, through our comprehensive training program. A Holistic approach to Natural Hair Care, loc artistry, & healing.


Sunday, October 11th

9am-1pm:  Intro to Natural Hair Care, Health, & Healing Workshop
The key to becoming a natural hair artist starts with health & healing. This is a start up course to open your mind & get your creative juices flowing. You will learn: Tools of the trade, Natural hair styling products, Shampooing & massage techniques
home care & wet sets, Consultations, Aromatherapy, Making herbal rinses, oils, & treatments, Creating your own beauty rituals, Vibrational Healing & crystals, holistic philosophy & MORE!
1pm-2pm Lunch
2pm-6pm: 2 Strand Twists, Flat Twists & African Bumps Workshop (with & without extensions)
This is the ultimate twisting class! We will educate you in the parting process when doing natural twist styles, what products work best for different hair textures, how to make your twist styles last, finishing techniques, & hands on applications of professional extensions. Learn the difference between human hair vs. synthetic fibers & usage. Create the twists of your dreams, get inspired, & heal through natural hair care using products from the earth!

Monday, October 12th

9am-1pm:  Basic Locs Workshop
Fundamentals: parting process, coils, palm rolls, twists, & plaits. Everything you need to know about starting locs. This is the fundamental class for anyone who wants to learn how to start beautiful Rasa Locs! Are you ready to become a natural hair artist & healer? The art of starting Locs requires patience & dedication. We will teach you all the skills & products necessary to loc hair professionally! You will learn the parting process, various techniques to use on different hair lengths including, coils, palm rolls, 2 strand twists & plaits.
1pm-2pm Lunch
2pm-4pm: Advanced Locs Workshop

Learn the art of loc cultivation or maintenance, including: palm rolling,interlocking, and rubbing techniques, along with basic loc repair. We will learn all the necessary skills and products to loc like a pro.
4pm-6pm: Creative Loc Styling
Learn how to style locs without the use of pins! Fish tails, mohawks, pumps, rope twists, pipe cleaners, yarn,wrapping etc. Your clients will thank you! Watch the video here >

Tuesday, October 13th

9am-1pm: Locking Straight Textured Hair
Locking your most challenging clients will be a breeze with the Rasa Styling System for locking straight hair, without the use of wax, gel, glue, or thread. It is now possible to learn all the progressive skills necessary to professionally loc straight, wavy, or relaxed hair with confidence. Amber Muhammad has developed the Rasa Styling System for locking all types of hair and innovative techniques to create beautiful, mature looking, permanent locks instantly! These techniques are essential to any natural hair care specialist, braider, or cosmetologist in today’s ever changing beauty industry. Locking Straight Hair system can be used on curly hair too! Even on clients who have relaxed hair & want to start wearing Locs with out cutting their hair, it is now possible! We are also using this technique on long curly hair too, for those who want (instant) Locs! The Rasa Styling System makes this all possible.
1pm-2pm Lunch
2pm-6pm: The Business of Natural Hair: For Stylists and Salon Owners

  • How to be successful in the beauty industry
  • Professionalism and client relations
  • Marketing in social media
  • Developing necessary salon documents, including handbooks, procedure manuals, and forms
  • Pricing and client incentives
  • How to keep your clients coming back

What’s Included


  • Hands on training & materials including a comprehensive Workshop Manual for each course!
  • Individual Certificates of completion
  • Rasa Product Sample Kit (Participants in Sunday’s Class)
  • Tshirt (Participants in Monday’s Class)
  • DVD (Participants in Tuesday’s Class)
  • Monday evening Salon Tour with Cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and music!


1 day/$250 / 2 day/$500 / 3 day/$750
Monthly Payment Plans Available
NOTE: *Participants are to bring their own mannequin head and stand (this is NOT included in the price). If you do not own a mannequin head and stand, please purchase them and bring them with you. A suggestion for purchasing mannequin head/stand can be found here: mannequin head/stand supplier>


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