Rasa Locs
Rasa Locs are unique because each client has a personalized formula for their individual hair texture and lifestyle. We will assist you on your journey to achieving healthy beautiful locs with the use of our Rasa product line.


Basic Palm Roll Loc Cultivation
traditional method of maintaining locs using cyrus gel and rasa oils, recommended every 3-6 weeks
$85 +
(Amber $95+)
Bridge Cultivation
for those with alopecia or balding, specialty maintenance to create a full head of locs
$100 +
(Amber $110+)
Inter Loc Cultivation
for very small locs or straighter textured hair, recommended every 2 hrs every 4-8 weeks
$65 +/hr
(Amber $75/hr)
Loc Extensions $75 +
(Amber $100/hr)
Loc Rubbing Cultivation
for achieving the fuller look of a lions maine for those who don’t want to see scalp or parts in the hair
$95 +
(Amber $105+)
Loose Roll Loc Cultivation $75 +
(Amber $85+)
The Works $160 +
(Amber $170+)