5ive Dollar Vegan Workshop

Thursday, March 17th
7pm at Rasa Salon

How To Eat And Live Healthy On A Budget

Learn how to eat and live a healthy lifestyle by incorporating a plant base diet.
Hear how a vegan diet best serves small budgets. Taste test $5. vegan dishes. Listen to the challenges
and triumphs of living a vegan lifestyle, then go home with recipes and resources on how to incorporate
more living foods in your diet. Moderated by longtime vegan and health advocate Joshua Black aka
The Urban Black Vegan


Joshua Black aka Urban Black Vegan

Joshua Black aka Urban Black Vegan has been a vegetarian/ vegan for more than 25 years. After health
challenges Joshua food vegetarianism then veganism as a way reverse many of these challenges such as
diabetes and obesity. Today Joshua produces a youtube channel The Urban Black Vegan, speaks on
topics such as intersectionality, health disparities and affordable plant base living. A certified personal
trainer and author of the 5ive Dollar Vegan. He continues to spread the healthy message in hope it will
inspire, uplift or encourage others.

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