I leave Rasa Salon every time feeling beautiful and loved…

Rasa Wedding Hairstyles

“I have had natural hair for 17 years, and I have never been to another salon that takes care of my whole self in the way that Rasa Salon does. The stylists are amazingly talented, and my hair is always fierce when I leave. But above and beyond that, Rasa Salon has a great ambiance, and really feels like a place to relax, be pampered, and enjoy the conversation and laughter with other clients. True to their motto, I leave Rasa Salon every time feeling beautiful and loved.” – Sadiqa, Mar 2014

Rasa Salon is One of a Kind


“In the beginning stages of growing my locs, dandruff became my scalp’s best friend, now, thanks to Rasa Salon’ Ananda oil I am dandruff free. Rasa Salon is one of a kind and I praise them constantly. I traveled all over the world and have found it difficult to find a salon that I am 100% happy with as I am with Rasa Salon. All the employees in the salon have styled my hair and I’ve never walked out unsatisfied.” – Crystal F.. Mar 2014

Thank You Rasa Salon for all the Fun and Funky Hair Styles


“Amber has been doing my hair for well over ten years now. I can remember when she convinced me to color my hair red! It was a bit daring for me but I was ending a ten year relationship and needed the change.  Next she started my locs, which are never boring. If it’s a wild hair style, I want it. Amber has been a great stylist, friend and listener. I have had some memorable times in her chair. Thanks Amber for all the fun and funky hair styles.” – Anita C., March 2014

I Definitely Recommend This DVD


I am so glad that I attended the Locking Straight Hair class at the World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta. I am a natural hair stylist and I primarily work with African American Clients with kinky hair. I recently started locs on a client with straight hair. His locs are coming along nicely, however, I knew there had to be a more comprehensive way of starting locs on straight hair. Once I viewed Amber’s video, I became fully aware of the How’s, What and the Why’s of achieving Locs that look mature, neat, clean and well groomed on straight hair. Going forward, I feel assured and confident locking any type and texture hair. I definitely recommend this DVD to any stylist that wants to expand their business and clientele.

– Jane B., Natural Hair Stylist, New York, NY

Thank you Letitia & Rasa Salon!

“Now all the locs are done. Even hanging down, it looks great. So natural. you’d never know they were extensions. I’ve definitely been transformed. But Letitia, is not done. She created a funky French twist, which really accentuates the texture of the locs. I look awesome! Although I must confess, very different from any other time in my life. WOW, look at the new me!” – Alice Martin, Sept 2013

I will always be grateful for that all day hair workshop!


“I attended an all day hair workshop at the Rasa Salon in the month of February. It was awesome and has helped me in many ways than one.
Amber is gifted in the field of hair care and is skilled in accessing what will work better for your hair, whether there is a challenge with it or not.
I learned many things in the workshop; new techniques that will better serve my customers and ways to be a more professional hair care provider.
I will always be grateful for that all day hair workshop in February!” – Tanya Saidou, Feb 2014

Rasa Salon Has Been A True Blessing!

“When I started locking my hair nearly eight years ago, I went to several salons in search of a stylist that was knowledgeable, creative, and used natural hair care products. I found all of this and more when I was connected to Amber and Rasa Salon! Amber has always taken the time to find out what I really wanted from my hair before working on it. When I decided to color my locs, she went above and beyond in helping me to decide the shades that would be best for me. I couldn’t picture myself trusting anyone else with my hair the way I trust Amber! Rasa Salon has been a true blessing!” – S. Kelly, Jan 2011



“When I first started at Rasa Salon, I had this patch that  looked like a cradle cap in the front of my hair along with bushy edges. Right away a scalp treatment was given. Within a few weeks there was a noticeable difference in scalp and hair. Having loc repairs on edges rectified bushy edges. My locks are HEALTHIER , BEAUTIFUL and ALIVE. Peace!” – Stephanie G., Dec 2010