Save those broken locs for a “Rainy Day”!

Yes, save those locs that may have broke off from stress, maturity, or maybe a wild night…it wouldn’t be the first time we heard that. Locs break off for many reasons, the good news is WE CAN PUT THEM BACK ON! Many people don’t know that locs can be repaired or transplanted. We have many techniques for loc repair, depending on the individual needs of the client.  Its always best to repair with your own hair versus creating new locs with extensions (the more natural the better).

What causes locs to break off in the first place?

There are many reasons for breakage, please refer to the about section of our web site for more info on the phases & stages of locs. Remember don’t freak out,  LOC BREAKAGE IS VERY COMMON, & TOTALLY NORMAL.

  • stress- Stress on the locs may be caused by over twisting, styles that were pulled too tightly, rubber bands tied too tight, anything that may cause pulling or friction on the hair. Lack of sleep or improper diet can also cause stress on the hair.
  • over processed color- Too much hair color, too light, or the yo-yo syndrome as I call it (going from light to dark to light again), can lead to weakening and breakage of the locs. Coloring hair at home where it is not rinsed out properly, leading to color trapped inside the loc eating away at the integrity of the hair will cause breakage. Leaving color on too long can also cause breakage, always follow suggested times for color processing.  Bleaching the hair is sometimes just too much for certain hair textures to take, avoid too much bleach unless you want a natural “hair cut”! Remember to use high quality professional hair color, ammonia and PPD free (we use Chi Color at Rasa Salon) and if you want to lighten your hair its best to do it gradually.
  • Genetic balding or Alopecia- Always look at your family’s history because hair loss is usually passed down.  There are many types of Alopecia, witch is very common for men and women.  Nothing is more stressful than having a full head of beautiful locs and then seeing them start to shed. Remember to always go to a professional dermatologist or tricologist to have your hair and scalp analysis done.  We have many natural herbal remedies & treatments to encourage hair growth available at Rasa Salon. Your natural hair care stylist will work with you to come up with the healthiest solution.
  • Hormonal imbalances- Pregnancy, menopause,thyroid disorders, and many heart and blood pressure medications have side effects of hair loss or thinning.  We have noticed temples thinning during and after pregnancy & nursing, especially when prenatal supplements are not taken.  Hair loss can also happen during “the change” of menopause, then hair will regrow after menopause is complete.  Some medications can’t be avoided, if thats the case and your medication is leading to hair loss, we suggest to have herbal hair growth  treatments to encourage natural growth and stimulate circulation.
  • Scratching- Do you have a nervous itch? Is there some reason you can’t keep your hands out of your hair? If you are a scratch-a-holic, then YOU, yes you are the cause of your beautiful locs on the floor.  This may be a nervous or psychological condition, or you may have a serious scalp condition, you may even be allergic to a procuct, whatever the case seek professional help (you may even need to see a psychologist)!  When dry hair is vigerously scratched or rubbed, it causes a sandpaper effect where the hair actually cuts itself off. The best thing to do if you have the itchies is: clean your scalp first with Thayers alcohol free witch hazel(available at Rasa Salon), spray some leave in conditioner on your sclap, use any of the Rasa hair and body oils on your FINGER TIPS, and gently massage your scalp to increase circulation and blood flow to the scalp. Rember DO NOT SCRATCH!
  • Dryness- Hair and scalp may be dry from a lack of water intake, lack of essential fats like omega 3s in your diet.  If so you may need to start eating avocados & salmon, or supplementing with fish or, flax seed oil, to add some healthy fat to your diet.  HEALTHY FAT? Yes fat can be very healthy especially if you have dry hair & skin, your body is calling out for moisture! You can oil your hair every day and sometimes it still feels dry, that means its time for a deep conditioner and Scalp Renew treatment, only and additional $10 added on to any service.
  • Ripped or pulled out! It may happen sometimes in the heat of passion, you may find locs on your pillow, or a fight, although I prefer the first.  Car door or Bus, yes locs can get trapped and pulled out that way too. If any of these happen to you, Remmeber to SAVE YOUR LOCS!
  • Mature or “over the hill” locs. Your locs have been around for a while, maybe 10 or 15 years! Some breakage is expected. Just ask us for some TLC and repairs and we will be happy to give those old geezer locs some Rasa Lovin!

How can they be fixed?

We Have specialized techniques developed over the years to meet the needs of our vast array of clients.  We always match hair texture & color, and we use the least amount of added hair possible.  We do not use thread, sewing, or glue to re-attach locs. Our loc repairs are light weight and look totally natural.

What is the difference between regular repairs and transplants?

A regular repair is if one or two locks break off we will just re-attach the locs in minutes. Transplants are needed when locs have been neglected or left at the hands of nature for some time, causing the locs to grow together like tree branches.  We will separate and cut off those branches, then re-structure the parts to create more even spacing of the locs. This is a very in depth process that may take several hours or multiple visits. Anything is possible with loc repairs.

What is a Loc Bridge or Loc Net?

A loc bridge is something we created to add more fullness usually to the crown of the head to conceal alopecia, and allow the client to wear their locs down or in any style with now shame, or concern of their scalp showing. We can do this technique using your locs that you lovingly saved for us, or we can create new loc extensions to make your custom “Loc Bridge”

A Loc Net Weave is used when there is a more severe amount of balding and the hair is too fragile to add a loc bridge, or if the loc bridge does not give enough coverage. A Loc Net is a custom hair piece similar to a toupee, but for locs! If you are not ready for the BIG CHOP, we have many great solutions for you at Rasa Salon.

How much do Loc Repairs cost & how often do I need to get it done?

If you remember to SAVE YOUR LOCS, the job will be much easier for us and therefore less expensive, between $3-$5/ loc.  If your repiars are extensive or if you don’t save your locs, we will need to make extensions which cost more.  Either way you will need to have a FREE CONSULTATION to determine the actual cost of your loc repairs.

If you need custom bridges or  loc net weave, prices start at $50/bridge depending on the length and thickness of the locs. Loc net weaves start at $150 depending on the size, and if we will need to create extensions. Please call us for a FREE CONSULTATION.

What if I cut my locks off to wear my natural hair & now I want my locs back?

Yes we can do it! We can re attach those locs, no worries! If you save them we can put them back, and the attachment will be virtually undetectable.



Remrmber to put them in your purse or your bag, remember to bring them along to your hair visit, & ask us about loc repairs! The imposible is possible, and remember, You are Beautiful, You are Loved.

Please check out our You Tube video called “Loc Repair” (Rasa Salon channel) to see how it’s done.



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