rasa_vibrational_healingRasa Salon is known for vibrational healing, and enlightened approaches to natural hair care. Vibrational healing is the ancient art of healing with sound; it traces back to ancient Egypt &Tibet. Sound vibrations can heal the physical body at a cellular level by adjusting blockages and imbalances. These imbalances can cause the body to have a slower frequency vibration which may lead to dis-ease or illnesses. Natural healing sound frequencies can be transferred or introduced  externally or directly into the body to create a more harmonious state.
At Rasa Salon we combine the use of Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, and crystals to give a relaxing & transformative experience. We can balance chakras, repair auras,  uplift the mood or help with grounding. Vibrational healing is a great tool for meditation, alleviating stress, and relaxing stiff or sore muscles.

We love to offer a mini sound healing with all of our herbal treatments right at the shampoo bowl. We also offer a complimentary “loc blessing” vibrational healing session when you start a new set of Locs. We have found that blessing the crown can make the journey of locking your hair more memorable & sacred. Vibrational Healing can be added to any hair service at Rasa Salon!

Watch a Loc Blessing